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Campana: italian handmade shoes from 1858

This story begins in 1858, in a small workshop in the heart of the Marche. Many dramas of the Italian Theatre have been located in this region, and this story could be one of them.

The main character is the family Campana, that from 5 generations continues to produce Italian handmade leather shoes, always in the same way and with the same passion. Campana transcends the ever-changing trends of fashion to deliver a timeless style that values tradition — like the time-honoured secrets passed down from a father to his son.

Enrico, the founder, started the business after working as busboy in the workshop of a local painter. He was inspired by the opportunity to produce shoes that seemed painted as the paintings of his master, thanks to the precious punctures and decorations on the body of the shoes.

While fashion changes every season, Campana resisted to more than a century and to the outbreak of two World Wars. The philosophy that the founder instilled in the company is to offer a timeless style that represents a refined, Italian elegance. The inspiration is to classic lines, and the focus to details is meticulous.

Nowadays Cristiano Campana still manufactures handmade shoes using the best high-quality leather and artisanal methods. The designer realizes classic-style shoes in Neapolitan Style, both in plain colors or patterned. At the same time, the company is constantly looking for new fabrics and patterns and ways to innovate, while keeping unchanged the tradition that makes it unique.

The secret of Campana is "to produce every pair of shoes as the first one", as Cristiano says, "our shoes are made with passion and unique Italian expertise, ensuring your shoes will last a lifetime".