The Collection

Setile: the essence of Italian style enclosed into precious silk

Setile was founded in November 2012 by Roberta S., a girl whose dream is to share the passion she feels when precious fabrics turn into beautiful garments.

During her childhood, Roberta developed a big passion for textiles, silk in particular. Together with her mother, Roberta used to stare at her familiy’s big wardrobes full of fabrics, and think about what those fabrics could turn into. As soon as Roberta grew up, she decided to launch her first collection: a line of accessories for men which could also be used by women.

Excellent quality, antique fabrics, hand-made details, style and elegance: these are the main characteristics of Setile products.

The first collection was made of a few pocket squares and scarfs. People who wear them can say they have a unique piece and that’s why its label says "Made in Italy for you". The items are made of vintage silk or wool and realized in a small workshop in the Como lake area.

The pieces, designed for men, are really versatile and can be wore also by women. In fact. pocket squares can turn into gracious hair accessories or refined wrist bands, while scarfs can be worn with chic outfits or just by a girl stealing it from her boyfriend’s drawer to feel him closer.

Many influencer and style blogger all over the world have been spotted by the top magazines like GQ, Vogue and NyTimes wearing Setile accessories.

AILATI selected Setile because its products represent the style Made in Italy, realized for people who want distinguish among the others.

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