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  • Tindari



    • 37 cm W x 28 cm H x 12 cm D
    • 14.6" W x 11.0" H x 4.72" D
    • Product details

      Tindari is a city founded by Dionisio I of Syracuse in 396 BC, as a colony of Syracusan mercenaries who led the war against Carthage, in the territory of the Sicilian city of Abacaenum (Tripi). The name of Tyndaris was in honor of Tindarus, king of Sparta and husband of Leda, putative father of Helen and the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux.



      Bag with long leather shoulder strap, matching stitching, fabric lining, a zippered pocket, an open pocket, flap closure with magnetic button. Removable shoulder strap.

    • Leather description

      Tejus Leather - Our Tejus leather is strong, supple and remarkably rigid, thank to the full grain small fabric that makes it extremelly precious.


      Saffiano leather - Our Saffiano leather was originally made from the highest quality calf leather, completely tanned with vegetable method